What this human life is

This life of yours is of a greater significance once you only understand ‘why you are here for’

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It is such an advantage to have this mortal frame, what we call body; and we all are mortal beings. We all have the immense capacity to know life as it is and beyond. There are no ‘any other’ creatures, other species than human beings, us, to know life beyond the physical perception of reality. All others have been endowed with instinct-driven life, but we are not, and that's an absolute advantage to being a human. Mortality, as we call it, is the law of nature, but that is not something to be taken so seriously. What is to be taken more seriously is ‘what we do with what we have’. And what we have is unimaginable, unfathomable, beyond the description of anything what your mind can think of. The travel, the journey, itself is the most sublime. That's why the life of a human being is sacrosanct. This piece of your body that we have is sacrosanct. It is the most sacred temple of the universe because we are none other than the universe itself. This body represents the universal consciousness in itself.

So the journey here is all there is, and what we do within this life, as long as we have this human body, we have nothing but the possibilities. This life, as it is, has to be taken as the most sublime nature of existence. This human body is nothing but innumerable possibilities of all lives. And if ‘not understood’ and ‘denigrated’, then the option left with it is the denigration towards the lower species—which life? —that life which will be driven by instinct, that life which will have no choice of its own.

So this human mechanism that we have is the gateway towards everything. It cannot be just put down as something which is bridled into chaos, which is rooted in confusion and cynicism and doubt and pessimism. No! The reason why you are where you are right now, at this point in time, is because this human body needs unleashing of ‘the knotted nature’ of your own self and the traits that we have developed, which is not ours. If those traits and happenings which have been into existence beyond this body, which have come from many, many births and have been passed onto this body, if that is not resolved, then the continuation of this body will further be taken towards different level of corporeal existence. And this will continue forever. We have got an opportunity, and this opportunity cannot be passed up.

So why things are knotted in this way is the realization of the fact that you need to resolve yourself first, not the things that you are dealing with. The things that appear to be knotted, unresolved, is not a matter of significance. What here is a ‘matter of significance’ that you resolve yourself, that you have the opportunity through this human body, which has not been given to anyone else other than the human beings who we are, to resolve ourselves. Because as we resolve ourself, as we understand ourself, as we get to know who we actually are, we actually know how closer we are to our own self, which we have always been but never realized it. Because if you realize yourself, the one who you are, you would be very amicable to the things that you have been most hostile to.

So this life has been given to you, to resolve all matters, but the matters are not of any importance. The matters become important because you are rigid not to resolve yourself. As long as you are just confined within ‘the frame of resolute resilience towards not upgrading yourself’ and follow the same pattern repeatedly in the most soaked ‘conditioned dispositions’ of yours, then nothing will change.

So what shall be mortal is the very nature of your own belongings and the “clingings”. And these “clingings” & “belongings” that you have developed, unconsciously picked up, and that became the part of you as a part of the DNA & part of the system. If that is resolved, then this life of yours is of a greater significance. That's when you can achieve the greatest height of success without clinging onto it, without making much noise about it. That's when you can impact the entire world without blowing your own trumpet. That's what you could become with this human body once you only understand why you are here. But as long as these matters and objects are around you, which have consumed your understanding, the very blurred vision of life will always be alluring to the objects of gratification and pleasures. And these pleasures and gratification from the objects are the imprisonment that you have created. The walls of imprisonment have been erected by you unconsciously, which need to be broken off, and that is possible only in this human body. You can only become immortal by letting go of the mortals’ mundane existential reality of yours.

So do you want to exist just like any other species would exist, just the way they are, because of the instinct they have been following? You have some traits also that you have been following. Don't you think they have to die one day? And they must die before you. They must die before you! Make sure—before this body drops, your dispositions are dropped as well right in front of you. All the illusions, all that baggage & heaviness of ‘the illusioned patterns conditioned in liking and dislikings’ have to be dropped right before your eyes. They must die. They have to be ‘mortal ones’. They are the mortal ones because you are immortal.

So, once you understand all these, death is of no value, of no importance, because anyway you are immortal. Anyway, you are connected to the Divine Source. You are part of the same weave with which the Thread of That has been woven into every layer of this existence that you see life around you or beyond it. And if you are connected to that higher dimension of life, higher zone of life, then death is of no value. You won't fear death. There is no need to have death. It's better to have death every single day because death is life. Death is actually life. As you make sure ‘these things that are totally superfluous’ die their own death every single day—that's life. That is life. If you cannot have ‘them’ dead, anyway this will be like ‘a baggage’ to us. This human body will be turned to tragedy. This human body will be catastrophic in nature. Each moment will feel very heavy, and we will not be able to trudge along with this heaviness. The moment we are ‘ensured’ of their death, ‘which do not belong to us’, that is life.

So death must happen every day because the moment that death happens of our own superfluous, unnecessary belongings, a new life occurs. Death is much more important than the ‘life’ itself because it is the death which ensures life.

So one should not be afraid of death, one should be scared of life. Anyway, you have got life! So, what have you done with it? What have you made out of it? That's the question, not the death. In fact, death has to happen and death of your own disbelief, death of your own delusional identity, of your own unconscious behavior. Your compulsive nature has to die to realize what this human life is; that should be the purpose of life.

How many times have you reacted compulsively in the last 1½, 2 years? Ask this question to yourself. And I'm sure that you are regretful of your act, aren't you? Yes, you are. Don't you think ‘that’ shall die before this body drops? Yes or no? The behavior that you acted upon or you put on instigated by some emotional upheavals, maybe some chemical reaction in the body that you cannot take control of anyway but you just got carried away, swayed away, and behaved compulsively. It didn't do any good to you. It destroyed a relationship. What could have been an opportunity to treasure has been turned to tragedy, which ends up in regret. Don't you think these kinds of patterns must die before this body drops?

So what is important here is the ‘death’, not some form of immortality. Immortality will happen on its own. Once these things that do not belong to us, go away, vanish away from us, if they get walking by and do not touch us, we are into our own sublime nature without having to cling on to any of these traits—we have made some sense of this human body. We have made better choices for sure. But what is not to be understood is emphasized upon so much that the objects, the matters outside of you, consume your understanding, take the very essence of intellect and subdue the very nature which shall flourish and pave the path towards higher ascension of life. But, unfortunately, ‘something out of us’ consumes us, makes us succumb to their pressure. We find ourself buckling under the pressure of the objects outside of ours. We become slave to the senses outside by being drawn by the very ostentatious nature of this world. But once we take and withdraw it, once we take our power back, we realize life is way beyond what we know what life is.

So ‘the death’ will come, and the very fear of death will come only if you do not have the presence of your own self right here. If you deny your presence at this point in time, all the fear will capture you; death could be one among them. But if this moment is not realized in absolute totality, which is nothing but the expansion of your awareness, then all kinds of fear will capture you because your mind is just goal oriented. If you are goal-oriented, then life will be lost. People say, “What are you talking about? We all have to be goal-oriented.” Bogus, absolutely no! Don't be goal-oriented. Stupid concept! If you are just having very fanciful thoughts of achieving something in your life and that fancifulness is very alluring to you because the very thought of it captivates your heart, captures your imagination, puts you on a different level of ‘fanciful world’ which does not have arms and a leg because—because this present moment where you are right now at this point in time is not ‘matter of any importance’. So mind takes you somewhere in the future. There will be some happiness at that point in time, and since it does not find itself where it should be, it takes you to that fanciful world, a world of illusions—deluded by the self, not knowing where to stand, has no grounding, lost in turmoil, lost in chaos, but finding happiness very titillating, very subjective, subjugated by the senses. That happiness is transient, though it gives you ‘kick’.

So enjoy the kick. How many times will you enjoy the kick? That's the reason why people smoke, drink, and do so many things: to get a kick. That's not a problem. The problem is somewhere else. If you are just a goal-oriented person, you have a very fanciful life. The real people are the process-oriented people. They enjoy the process. The result will be there. The result is the outcome of the process. But if you do not enjoy the process of that, if you're not process-oriented person, then ‘goal-oriented’ person will be a fallacy because process is the change. Change is not easy. Imagination and being drawn by some event of the future that hangs in the balance will always be pleasurable to you because it always will be in the future, never in this present moment, because this present moment is something that you would like to avoid. You want to go into the next moment. As you are hearing these words, you want to go to the next moment. What's gonna happen now? What's gonna happen right away? When ‘this video’ will get over! Ah, I don't wanna listen to it, I wanna switch to other channels, listen to something else. Oh, I have been watching these reels one after the other, but stopping nowhere. Just going, going mindlessly. Where? Where? Going where? You cannot answer this question, can you? No, you cannot answer this question because you've just been browsing through, not sticking to anything. Maybe fine, you are having a break. That's okay for two minutes. But if these 2 minutes turn into 20 minutes, that's catastrophe. Who has consumed you? Your senses. Your senses have consumed you, or rather duped ‘you’. Now, if you are living that scattered life, then anyway, life will be missed.

So do you want to realize ‘the life’ or death? You are alive right now. Do you wanna appreciate this thing, or do you wanna think about something which you cannot see?—because something that you cannot see fascinates you. That's right, that's everything. But if you’ll think this life, as it is, is not realized the way it is—everything, whatever you will come to know, is of no importance! What is important is to understand: death of illusions and all the clingings and belongings and cravings and the cravings under which we buckle under. If they do not die, you’re dead anyway. What is there in death? What is there in death! There's nothing in there in death. Anyway, we're dead. We all are dead. If we are just ‘slave of our own traits’, then we are dead anyway. We have no option. Which life are you talking about? And which death are you talking about? Don't you think this must die before this body drops? If you just make sure that all of these holding ons to—“holding on to”, “holding on to” the illusions, “holding on to” these superfluous nature of being drawn by the world, by anything, any objects of pleasure, by anything that scatters us like a broken piece of glass all over the floor…. If you find yourself there, anyway you have no life. You have no peace. Despite your financial condition, whether you could afford things or not, you are scattered anyway. And in today's age and time, everything has been made so available to you and rather affordable to you that being distracted is the ‘most easiest’ thing to do: any one could actually indulge himself/herself into it. There's no big deal about it. What matters here: The greatness of life could be realized by the number of things you can easily do without!

So ask this question to yourself: What are the things that I can just drop and live without? Make a list right now. This is the one thing: I can do it, I can do without it easily. All right, fine. What is ‘second one’? What is ‘third one’? So, you will see, the ‘number of things’ that you can do without, the more happy you are. The number of things that are ruling your life, the most vulnerable you are, aren't you? That is the tragedy of human life. That's death anyway. What life do you have? Ask yourself. What life do you have? Because you are at the whimsical end of so many objects, if it moves on the right, you are vulnerable to move right. If it's turned right, you are vulnerable to turn right. You do not have your own calling. But it doesn't mean that you gotta be this or that. It doesn't mean that if you ‘became that’, the problem will be solved. No, position is not important. The position cannot resolve matters. It can resolve matters, of course, but you know what? If someone somehow managed to reach to some level of success without having gone through the process of it and having learnt the most mandatory component of it, that place will shake him off and put him on the ground again. That's why going into somewhere near the ‘death’ is not important if this life, as it is, in this present moment, is not captured as it is.

So as you capture this life more and more, you will see that billions of cells are dying in this body every moment without our realization because this is how you are renewing yourself. This is what happens when you sleep at night because your cells are to be repaired or replaced. That's how you can survive. When this stops happening, then you have something called “cancer”, when the body starts eating itself.

So what you need to realize here is ‘the very structure of the body is death’, which is occurring at all times. But are you dying with your own death with each passing moment of your life as you walk towards understanding yourself because you'll be walking on your own death if you, if you, decide to walk towards understanding yourself. If that is not the matter, then it's okay, fine. Then, anyway, life is missed. What there is to know about death when the life itself which you have is not realized! Then, anyway, life is dead.

So just repeating the same pattern over and over again, being sucked into the zones and the holes where there is no any destination, there is nothing out there. It's a repeated pattern that we follow—then, anyway, there is no life. We are just waiting: one day this body will drop down because the change will happen only after the death of this body. Absolutely ‘nonsense’ idea!

No one will turn an angel from a demon after the death of this body. Absolutely no! All the traits will be carried forward again into the next birth. Accordingly, we will take birth under that specific circumstance with a specific setup to carry forward what we have done in this life. We won't turn into a god if we are ‘devil’ in this life, in this body. Absolutely no! No rituals can help. No god can help. Nothing can help. Don't you think this body, as it is, has been given to all of us, is an opportunity to resolve all matters so that by the time this body drops down, is cremated, before that happens, we make sure that we go peacefully? We have resolved all matters of ours; we can see through death; that's when you will be able to know exactly what death is. The Master as Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj and He says in His Swarved—

mṛtyu āpa dekhata mare, aisā maraṇa sohāya ।
maraṇa jīvana svādhīnatā, taba yogī pada pāya ।। 3/1/03 ।। ~Svarveda

मृत्यु आप देखत मरे, ऐसा मरण सोहाय ।
मरण जीवन स्वाधीनता, तब योगी पद पाय ।। ३/१/०३ ।। ~स्वर्वेद

So death and birth is not a matter of any significance. But if you are able to see through your death—and that is possible only once you have been dissolved of all karmic substances, all karmic layers—all that has been picked up unconsciously can be undone with this ‘help’ of this body. And Sadguru Deo Bhagwan, you know, The Master Himself, writes it—

saba sādhana nara deha hai, jñāna mokṣa kara dvāra।
deva Sadāphala saphala kara, jīvana janma samhāra ।3/2/34। ~ Svarveda

सब साधन नर देह है, ज्ञान मोक्ष कर द्वार।
देव सदाफल सफल कर, जीवन जन्म सम्हार ।।३/२/३४।। ~स्वर्वेद

And with this body, it is possible because this is an instrument for all. This, this body is a tool to achieve salvation, to achieve everything. And then He also writes:

mānava śaktika bāhare, jagata kāma koi nāhiṃ ।
bāhara hai so puruṣa kā, sarva śakti jehi māhiṃ । 3/2/33। ~ Svarveda

मानव शक्तिक बाहरे, जगत काम कोइ नाहिं । बाहर है सो पुरुष का, सर्व शक्ति जेहि माहिं । । ३/२/३३ ।। ~स्वर्वेद

Everything is possible with this human body. So in this body, as long as you live in this frame, as long as you live in this mortal frame, before it drops down, make sure that you have dissolved all the matters. And that will happen only with the ascension of your consciousness. The more conscious you become, the better the possibility to cleanse off all that has been picked up unconsciously. And if you make sure that if this happens when there's no binding, there's no ‘any more’ layer to peel off because it has peeled itself off over and over again— there's nothing left now—then you will be able to see things beyond the perceptual reality of life. Suppose that there is a block of buildings which I can see right across the window. I cannot make ‘huge sense’ of it. But if I take an aircraft somewhere near, close by, it will look so nice. I cannot make such an order of my sight right now. It looks quite a chaos. But as I reach on the top and look down the window, maybe this one looks very nice, especially at night with all lights on, you see.

In the same way, if we rise above our own dispositions and dissolve them one by one, then we will see life as it is, as it is seen through the lens of death because death is nothing but life, and vice versa. So the very fear factor and being gripped by the fear is the only work of a devilish mind, or I would not say devilish mind; there's no devil as such, but the mind which seeks salvation through the appeasement of the senses, if that is the category that one falls into, then there is no life anyway because you are dead, because you have surrendered yourself to the appeasement of senses, to the compulsiveness of your pattern, to the trigger that takes the essence of your life, that takes the intellect away from you. If you operate from that level, then anyway there is no life, there is only death.

So to realize death, we need to transgress time. And time and death, the Kāla and Prakṛti —they are the two factors that determine the body. And this body has a clock. It has an inbuilt clock. It knows its ‘requirement’. To an intellectual, to a highly professional or to a mediocre or uneducated, never been to school, the body knows when to drink water, it requires it. It has the clock within it, and it is governed by the Kāla, the time, the nature, the Prakṛti. And Prakṛti has got all these components so much in sync with one another, so harmoniously, that it cannot be tampered with. No one can tamper with it, but human consciousness can transgress it because we are from there. And if we are able to go beyond that and see through it, then we will have the most peaceful death. We can see through our death. Then birth is also like an act of a yogi. And a yogi can only be entitled if yogi willingly can take birth. If it is not, it is bound to happen with the confinement of Kāla and Prakṛti —the nature & the time. If that decides the death, if that decides the birth, then that is not the real birth. That is not the real death. The yogis are the ones who go beyond them. They decide the birth and the death. They are the ‘yogi of higher order’. The rest are just ‘following’ some level of patterns—which does require dissolving in this life.

So mostly 99.9% of the population of the world do fall under the category where we have received this human body to resolve our own selves. And as we do that, we will know life in a better light.