The reality of life

Immortality can be ensured only after many deaths. It is the ‘death’ that could only ensure immortality! What a contradictory statement, isn't it? But that's the truth!

Would you like to be immortal being the person who you are right now is the big question. If the person that is you is good enough to be immortal, you would rather say: Oh, I've had luxuries of life. I’ve always had a very luxurious life with all the luxuries around me. And the taste that I have developed, the pleasure that I've had, I'm so much engrossed into it. And I would like to carry on with it forever because there is no life beyond it.

The very sense of conquering the world one after the other, after one assignment, after one zone of success to different parts of the world, achieving one location of triumph, finding the other territory of success, is a human pursuit which we always try to engage ourselves in, which is why we are called human beings because we are not any other species where we operate by our instinct. We do have our instinct, but beyond that we have one thing which is distinguished from the rest of the species, and that is our freedom and willingness to do what we would like to do.

But is it appropriate ‘being immortal’ being the person who you are, being the human being you are?

In fact, your immortality can be ensured only after death. And that's the reason why death is much more important than birth. Why? —because there is a death that keeps occurring at all times. Isn't: The idea that you held 10 years ago, ‘few’ days ago, died its own death, didn't it happen? Didn't the idea or the person which you held so dear to your heart die its own death? Isn't: Your concept and biases and prejudices and the attachments are compelled to die by different ‘relevation’ of realities?

How many of ‘Illusions’ got shattered and washed away by the ‘relevation’ of things in your life, by the events and the experiences that you have had? Has washed away many theories of yours which you beheld in your heart so dearly! These are the deaths, aren't they?

So there is an opportunity for you to ‘renew you’, not to become so degenerated in nature to find out that we are so cocooned into this world to have the experiences, but to find ourself, unfurl ourself, and get the wind to fly into a different zone of understanding. That's why death is much more important.

In fact, all the yogis die every single day. They die with each breath. As they exhale, they die. As they inhale, maybe there's a new life. They are so much present into this present moment, they are so much involved into this universe, that there is no time for even birth and death because the entire cosmos is alive to them, is so alive that there is no time for death. There is no time to know the life after death. There is no time to think about immortality; it is a waste of time. Because ‘life as it is’ is not known, that's only the reason why ‘death & immortality’ becomes the topic to talk about today because what is happening right now with you is not revealed to you ‘as it is’. The moment you become totally involved into this life, into this happening of life, if you are totally present to it, the life itself will take a different dimension of understanding, will take a different wing of understanding. But it doesn't happen like that.

So if you are led by ‘the experiences of your life’ and ‘your life’ to accumulate & accumulate & accumulate more of those experiences, then maybe you would like to be immortal. Maybe the many emperors of the world in the past, after having captured many other territories in their lives, aspired to achieve more and more. And they never wanted to die because they were so much engrossed into the ‘enjoying of life’ on a very surface of it, and ‘the surface of it’ are not the realities of life; these experiences recede back and come forth again. And even after having had these experiences, there was just ‘applaud!’ & ‘applaud!’ of what they have achieved. This never got saturated. This never got satisfied. And longing and eagerness for achieving more and more kept scaling up, kept going up, kept shooting up. With these kinds of things, immortality happens to be the choice. But, in fact, it is only the ‘death’ which can ensure the ‘immortality’—why is it so? —because it is the death of all that you know, of all that you have ever known, will get you alive because the life that you know is not life—is death itself.

If you are just dictated by the barrage of luxuries, these appeasements of the senses—this barrage, appeasement of the senses, cannot ensure the happiness of life. It is a ‘death’ that can ensure the ‘more joy’ and the ‘life itself’. Nothing else can.

So, in fact, if you are looking for life, ‘more life’, then death is ‘eminent’ because in any way you want to expand your horizon; you want to expand your experiences. What experiences you have accomplished, you endeavor to have that experience. Or it happened by chance, it happened fortuitously, but you want to further expand, enhance, your experiences. It is the enhancement of life that you are looking for, but that will only happen with death because you have to let go of something in order to receive something better. You have to, each moment of your life, if you want to expand yourself, you have to stretch yourself!

So, the point where it was stretched last time, it needs to be stretched even more. So the last stretch point was the death to begin a new understanding of life and then further and further and ‘keeps going on’, so they are ‘deaths’ at each moment of the ‘life’. It's only the ‘death’. If only it could be ‘involved into’ the death of your dabblings, you could upgrade yourself. There is no ‘any other way’ to upgrade yourself. If you create attachment, attachment does not mean involvement. Involvement will detach you.

The clinging to one idea, clinging to these transient happenings, which we want to ‘have it forever’, will create a life of Illusion. And that illusion will certainly ensure the ‘delusional life’. If you have deluded yourself into ‘believing into these happenings’ as the permanent understanding of life as it is, then you have totally deluded yourself. But once you know that these experiences are just there as an enhancement of your life, you would not be clinging to them. And that requires death at each moment of your life; you're not scared of death; in fact, you embrace death. The more you are capable of embracing the ‘death’, the more joyful life will become, the more happening your life will become, so to speak.

Let go of everything. It is in death—lies life. It is in death—lies the real essence of you. It is in the ‘death’ that lies the greatness of you. It is in the ‘death’ that lies the real potential. It is in the ‘death’—that is the greatest design for you.

It is the ‘death’ that is the real essence of your life, and that death must happen, must happen almost every day. Drop one thing every day that is superfluous in nature, not necessarily needed, not needed at all. So the only way you can enhance the experience of your life is realizing the fact that these are just the experiences to put together, not to create a residue but to surpass them to reach on a higher platform to look at life. The ‘death’ is—is the ‘life’.

So what you think is immortal is not immortal! Immortality is actually death.

As these cells of your body die at each minute to regenerate itself with the new, new cells, just imagine if the blood that circulates in your body, if that is stopped. What about the cells of the body? If they stop renewing it themselves, what will happen? Maybe you'll have a cancer. You'll die, if all of them stopped right now, you will just die, because they are dying each moment to give you life, aren't they?

They are regenerating themselves by dying and recreating new cells. And they are always in communication with the entire structure of your body. When there is a bit of miscommunication or gap, you have something called disease, you get hospitalized, isn't it?

So this body, this human mechanism, this structure, has to be understood to unravel everything about you, what your purpose of life is. Each part of your body is doing its immaculate job to preserve itself in the best possible way, but are we doing this to our own life? Not really. But this body has been given, the way it has been given, it is doing its best possible job. If there is a bruise right here, suppose that I’ve scratched it, this is the most sophisticated chemical factory in the universe. It starts creating those chemicals to counter-attack it, to heal it, instantly, instantly. And it does everything possible to keep you safe and sound, and it is possible only by regenerating itself to renew yourself. ‘Same law’ is applied in this life as well. But we are stuck, we don’t want to die. In fact death is only important, not life because it is a death that gives birth to life & to a new life.

So, do you want to cling on to the person that you have been, and you don't like it? Or maybe all the heap of luxuries that you have created around it, you have become so slave of those materials that you want to further enjoy it till the last moment of your life. Or do you want that last moment to come ever? Never! And you want to extend the same level of pleasure that you have drawn out of having collected those objects of content.

So it means that you have become a slave of them. So anyway, if you have become slave, it doesn't matter whether you die or live. It doesn't matter. You don't have a life because you are dead with all the appeasement of the objects of content that you have collected.

If you are so much ‘engrossed’ into finding pleasures of the same kind that you have had and you're so much into it, those objects are so much ‘overwhelming’ to you that it has consumed your life anyway, so that's not a life. Life is only upon death. Whatever you cling on to is not life. It has to die to give you a new life.

So you should be so awake at each moment in your life that nothing is permanent. Everything at this point in time is alive to you, and that's a reality of life. And the more death occurs, the better it is because death does not cling on to anything. It will let go of everything, and that letting go of is everything in life. That letting go of is what is needed in order to ascend our life to higher dimension of life, higher degree and horizon of life, from where if we look, we realize that there is no death. It’s only life, but that life has the ‘base’ of death.