LIFE: Is it an opportunity, or is it a tragedy?

The glorification of Life comes from just one thing - to do what is needed to resolve all that matters in this life through this body. Because if you don't understand this, this will carry forward. We should not be under the impression that whatever we do in life at the end of it we will get moksha or salvation. No! A demon cannot turn into an angel just because the body drops, the body is buried or cremated.

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Human life is the most sacrosanct. It is the wildest life ever because there is no instinct that could drive us to do a specific thing in a specific way. We have absolute free will to do just the way we would like to do things, and that's massive empowerment. We can just do whatever we want to do at any point in time. If a food is given to other species than human beings, then it may be rejected: by a cow or by buffalo, by dog or a cat. But human beings can do everything with what they have been given- because they are not in tune with ‘the nature’. They don't have to be in tune with ‘the nature’; if they could, that would be great, but they don't have to be. That's also a power—to tap into something which is beyond them—that signifies that they can go beyond what has been given to them through ‘this’(body) only.

So what we have is absolute privilege—being a human. Just being a human being has all the possibilities. That's why we see so many examples of success, from rags to riches, the story: from absolute poverty to opulence of life, irrespective of the caste, creed, color, nationality that we come from. But that is common among all human beings without any discrimination.

So here what is to be understood is we are here to resolve matters not by matters. If any matter that you are dealing with is going to be resolved by ‘similar matter’ like that, it will further strengthen the other matter which has been troubling us. This is ‘point to be noted’. This is the first thing. And the second thing is that if we become the victim of the circumstances, of course, no matter could be resolved that must be resolved through this human body. And thirdly, the opportunity that is with the circumstances and the people is not utilized most judiciously. And because of these very reasons, why you could become a most ideal ‘form’ of worship or a scattered piece on which people just walk on, even all species walk on. So that resilience and the tenacity to endure that level of pain do come from ‘certain level of understanding’.

So the glorification of life comes from just one thing: to do what is needed to resolve all that matters, in this life, through this body. Because if you don't understand this, this will carry forward. We should not be under the impression that whatever we do in life, at the end of it we will get moksha or salvation. No! A demon cannot turn into an angel just because the body drops, the body is buried or cremated. This is the body, but the traits are carried forward to other lives, and it will have “much more nasty” form than in this life.

So in this life you have the privilege to dissolve all there is. And that is huge. That's why human life is sacrosanct. That's why it is needed to do what is needed. Because if you further strengthen, if you further amplify, your ‘likings and dispositions’ which has bound you to act in a certain way, then you will be lowering yourself and imbibing much more demeaning traits, further going on to become a lower version of yourself which is so against being a human. And that's the reason why the lives of other species are given because now they are bound by the ‘instinct’, by the ‘Nature’. They have to do certain things. It's a bhoga yonī; they don't have willpower. A donkey cannot make an aircraft, nor a horse. A horse cannot make an aircraft, a mobile phone, a device with which you may be watching this video.

So the point here is ‘you have the free will’. That's why it is needed to do what is needed: so that you dissolve all there is.

You have the opportunity in this life only, being a human.

If you are in a big ‘corporate’ and you don't realize your own importance and the reason why you don't realize your importance ‘because you don't honor the position that you are in’, now what happens is you want to go further up. But you think that you don't deserve to be where you are. Now with this mindset certainly you would not be happy being positioned in that specific place. Most probably you won't honor where you are. And you don’t have to honor where you are, but if you abuse it, things will not resolve. Maybe the situations, circumstances, will relegate you further.

So, what happened in the past that got you down is the first thing that needs to be explored or to come to terms with. At times facing reality exposes our self, mostly it is like that. Facing reality actually exposes the human being who we are, and that frightens most of the people. They don't want to come to terms with the person who they are, and this is what it is. And if you just do what is needed, then you would be doing just what is required at that point in time. If that requires you getting exposed, let it be. Let it be! If that requires being humiliated, then let it be. If that requires ‘doing certain things’ which is deplorable in so many ways, let it be.

I will just narrate one story: what happened in the battlefield of Mahābhārata. When Arjuna was instructed by Kṛṣṇa to go against their own family members, their own siblings, now Kṛṣṇa didn't say, oh, you should not do this, this is so heinous, you cannot commit atrocities against your own family members. And Arjuna was totally disillusioned by this as what he should do. But he was instructed by Kṛṣṇa to go to war against their own family members because Kṛṣṇa did not say do what is right; Kṛṣṇa instructed him to do what is needed because what is needed sets an order. An order is needed to govern the universe because it is governed by some laws. The laws are important. If you walk in and around any capital city there is a beautiful garden. And that doesn't frighten you. You like to take some time out with your family members, your friends, and go for a stroll in the morning or in the evening. But, suppose, on the outskirts of the city that you live in, there is a big jungle. Because it is not pruned, it is not well taken care of, no one goes there and cuts it to ‘give a shape’. Though it looks beautiful—but it frightens you. In the same way, the very social fabric is like that—that in this life we have one responsibility: to make best use of what has been given to us. Because what has been given to us is our own doing, of many lives’ residue. And that is being carried forward in this life. In this form, with this body, it can be dissolved.

So is it ‘opportunity', or is it a tragedy?

No matter what has happened to you, you cannot make sense out of it—doesn't mean that it is what you think it is. Absolutely not. It could have a greater significance than what you think it is. And it is; there is a greater significance to what has happened to you because it has happened for you, because it was doing of yours. Now it has come in this form. And the more you lampoon it or be regretful of it, the further it strengthens its root and carries forward to your next life in a worse situation, in ‘much more’ nasty outlook.

So in this life, it is ‘prime responsibility’ of ours to make best use of what has been given to the family that we are born into. That's why it’s very important that we should never complain about the family that we are born into because in the world today, kids complain about their parents and everything. Okay, ‘situation’ could be like that that could provoke that kind of complaint, but that would not resolve the matter. Why were you born there, not the other person? Then you can say, oh, I'm so bad; but that will not resolve the matter either.

So being regretful is also not the option. The only option is what we could do to make best use of what it is. And that requires only one thing—to do what is needed. And, if we could just do what is needed at each point in time, that's the glory of human life. Our life will be celebrated beyond our imagination, without wanting it of course, without ever having desire for it of course. It will just happen. So the only thing that is important to realize is—is your attitude, your own orientation, your own behavior of what it is. If you have, how you are processing it. If you do not have, how you are processing it. Either way if you do just what is needed, life will be just Blissful.