How to reveal the mystery of universe

If ‘who you are’ is unraveled to you, the entire universe will be revealed to you. But if this universe within us is not explored then the exploration that we want to do, something away from here, will be little—will be just a small one planet somewhere. And that will also be inconsequential.

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This planet has had walks of many great ones. Few of them have achieved things which is just unimaginable. There are things which go beyond the very perception of human mind. Today what we see is something of the same nature. People going to a different location away, far away from the earth. This earth, which has always been the habitat of human beings, seems a place of alienation for few of them who aspire to reach a different planet altogether. This is really mesmerizing to most of us that there could be life on a different planet than the earth. This earth seems like the mother earth and as we rightly say so at all times that this earth is our mother, we belong to her and so does she, the Earth. And the most spectacular thing is that few of them have landed on the different planet altogether. But the very concept of having habitation there is still in doubt. The life cannot be envisioned even though we have successfully landed on that specific planet. Or there are many other planets also where humans are exploring the possibility of making their own homes, the houses could be built there.

The very concept of having a home on a different planet away from the earth, seems like totally absurd or totally unbelievable. But it indeed is being explicitly made clear to all of us that there is a possibility of the same. Doesn’t it sound like totally unbelievable, having a place of our own on a different planet than the Earth. But the point here is , it’s not about finding a place away from the earth. Can you imagine, why do you want to go to a different planet altogether?

How would you know that it would be far better than where we are living. Even though having landed there has not developed the whole concept of having a home there, having a house there. Whether human beings could think of life. So, there could be few patches where there is some element of water but the life itself has not been established. The life, the existence of life of a human has not been established as of today.

So the most important thing is here to understand, it is not about finding a place away from the earth, it is about understanding those who walked on this earth, all the great masters who have mesmerized, who have changed the course of life, changed the entire course of human race in a different direction by their thoughts, by their belief system, by their institution, by creating a different passage of life altogether which was totally alien to the people whom they first interacted with. Sri Krishna was one of them, Buddha was one of them, The Master—Sadguru Sadafal Deo Maharaj ji was also one of them. A different ideologue which could change the course of life could also make you the best habitant on this planet as well. You cannot disregard this planet and have a fantasy of living on a different planet, absolutely not. It's not possible having a very disparaging emotion, very derivative emotion towards where we live-in and having the whole fantasy of having a life on a different planet. It's not justifiable by any stretch of the imagination.

Have we been able to walk on this planet as graciously as possible? As these Masters walked on this planet the entire universe was incorporated in their each step of the way. Are we able to walk with that level of expansion? It's only the expansion of the Consciousness we could have the entire universe incorporated at this point in time within us; that's when you have the entire course of knowledge of the universe as it is without any distortion.

Now even if you devise a machine of higher sophistication and land yourself on a different planet, maybe. It is just a tiny planet. And there are billions of planets, who knows, that may not have been discovered by now, they would be discovered tomorrow, they would be discovered maybe in coming 10 years’ time or 20 years’ time. There could be different other planets that we have not been able to even comprehend, fathom it as of today.

So whatever we boast about today, whatever we know, of course it would be very surprising to all of us but is it ultimate reality? Is it the ultimate reality what has been found? So the entire talk of having a SpaceX and going to a different planet is of absolute no relevance if we have not lived where we belong to!

If the life here is a tragedy, the life up there is a catastrophe and it would be. If the human habitation does not have the flora and fauna, does not have the other species, it cannot survive in itself. That's the first thing the scientist must know. Human-being requires the flora and fauna of the nature which is possible here on this Earth. And secondly, other species apart from the human beings are required to co-live with us to ensure our existence on this planet. If they are not there, we are also not there. Because the intricacies with which this universe has been designed is immaculate. It is woven with the thread that cannot be seen by these eyes. What scientists are doing is developing some machines in order to see the thread. The thread is totally invisible to human eye. And that's what it is to understand what goes beyond the very perception of yours is something not to be negated, not to be negated but to be believed. But to believe, you need to see. But the eye cannot see, the eyes cannot see. But what eyes cannot see—is not to be believed; that’s the science.

The problem here is to understand, it's not about having a different planet. Have we explored our life, the way we should? Have we explored everything about us? What we need to understand is this entire piece of machine, because this has created everything; the device that you are holding right now in order to see this video has been created by a person like you and me.

Everything that surrounds you right now at this point in time has been made by human beings; but it has come from the earth, it has come from where we live-in. So of course, it is the greatness of a human mind which can create anything. But it has happened through a process and the process of self-evolution has created people like Elon Musk today who want to aspire to reach a different planet. Maybe he has come from a different planet; we all have come from a different planet, and we must explore the whole possibility of the universe. But if this universe within us is not explored then the exploration that we want to do, something away from here, will be little—will be just a small planet somewhere. And that will also be inconsequential when other planets are discovered after a few decades or centuries.

So anything that you want to explore away from this entire mechanism which resides within the entire revelation of Cosmos, if that(human body) is negated and that(entire cosmos) is emphasized so emphatically in order to find out something which in human mind has not been established as truth, then that(cosmic) truth will be of little importance because that(Cosmic) truth will be condoned by the revelation of a different planet after a few decades and that's what has been happening on this planet. That we keep exploring new dimensions of life, new ways of finding ways to live on different planet all together away from the earth but come back to the same thing again where we find that having an existence on this planet is the only way to know the entire universe.

So the course begins at the root. The root is everything. The root manifests itself in so many different forms, color and texture; which could be very eclectic, very mesmerizing, but at the same time you lose the possibility if only, if only the world away from us is emphasized and if this universe which resides within us is ignored.

So it is not about finding a different planet. It is about finding the universe within. Maybe one segment of it has helped a person find a different planet somewhere but what about the entire planet and we are part of that entire planet and all of them are looking for that wholesome experience because we are just a crack in this entire universe; small bit crack of it, a small speck of it. Not even tiny speck of it but we want to become a whole. The wholesome existential reality cannot be perceived by our senses, cannot be just imbibed by using any mechanics, using any hacks, using any devices. It has to come from within. And it has to be incorporated with the laws of the universe. Once we are aligned with it, we know things and life ‘in subtleties’. Once we approach with that dimension of life everything about us, everything around us changes dramatically.

So the real change, the real planet is within us. The real lens of understanding is the understanding of this mechanics that is who you are. And if ‘who you are’ is unraveled to you, the entire universe will be revealed to you. If this is revealed, the entire thing comes manifesting right in front of you. Because if this is missed, everything is lost. Maybe you could be really proud of yourself having gone somewhere, having landed somewhere, having found some realities of that; it will be great, it is highly appreciated. But again, after many decades or centuries, there will be another relevation, there will be another epiphany about something, there will be another epiphany about some planet that we humans have not been able to know as of today.

So there will be exploration, there will be different discoveries so to speak, but if this(human body) discovery is unraveled to us the entire mystery of this universe will come out manifesting itself.