How to deal with progression

All the challenges that you see in the world today has happened because we are not able to deal with this progression. There are three things that we can do the first thing is the food intake, second things is how many hours of sleep do we require can actually qualify or disqualify us whether we are going in the right direction or not and thirdly what are the words that we are telling ourselves what kind of narrative do we end up telling ourselves. But that is one aspect of it. You cannot change the thoughts so easily but thoughts will come and go but that cannot bind you, that cannot stick with you. So think better, decide better.

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There never has been any time to become more distracted than what it is now. This is the most ‘peak point of distraction’.

So, earlier, if I were to ask that you have this problem in your life that you may be complaining about but, in a primitive time, if I'll look at my birthplace and if I can jog my memory and trace back to the village, then I would see many women from the village would go far distances to fetch some wood so that they can cook food. Or they would go in the field and work for many hours and hours. And also the men would spend most of the time in their field. Maybe the problem that is besetting the mood of humans today was of no concern during their time because their time was consumed by something that we take absolutely for granted, absolutely for granted. So, if I were to ask you, go and fetch a bucket of water from the well; I know there's no well around you; you just need to press a button and the water just comes in. Even if you are living on a, let's say, ‘60th’ floor or ‘70th’ floor, it doesn't matter. The water just comes in; oh my God, just press the button and it's there. So fast, hmm!

But why are we so scattered, distracted, all over the place? The people during those times lived happily, much more happily than we are. But for that do we need to go back? Absolutely no! We cannot just be so regressive and recede back to the past. No, we cannot, and we must not. What is important here: to understand that we have been empowered so much! Can you imagine this level of capacity, this level of luxury and the sophistication and the machine and the devices which has just engulfed the intellect of a human being? What has ‘created’ is now consuming. It has ‘born’ out of the human mind because of which, what you can do, isn't it? You can fly thousands of miles in a few hours. By the dawn of the day, you would be in ‘totally different’… across many seas, destinations of the world. By just pressing a button you can send messages to millions. ‘The communication’ has become so easy.

So, in this globalized world, we are becoming very local in our approach towards understanding life. It's like we are totally defined by what we see in the world. We do not have our own interpretation per se. We are influenced so much by the media around us, and what we see and what we perceive is all about what is being percolated down the line. And we have become the ‘victim’ of it. At times it seems like that. And everything is being analysed with such a precision that whatever you want to see you keep scrolling on the phone. So a minute was granted. Now the minute has been turned into half an hour.

So, you see, in this world, in this most wavery, in this most “capricious” oriented world, where we do not have our own point of view, where we are being brainwashed by all layers of perceptions—as we are making sense of what is being presented to us, it is being further strengthened by the same wave and strengthening it further and further.

So, if you are fuelling something which is not right for you, if you are fuelling one specific thought because that seems very pleasing to you, so even though all the other information in the world which could help you broaden your horizon is there, but is condoned, what is looked into is the one that you have picked out and developed liking for. And that is being presented and strengthened in such a way that despite all the diverse and eclectic information being poured out, what you are ending up becoming is a “local, very local” version of your own self. Though you have the machine which connects you to the world, but ‘what you are ending up becoming’—a person from a village. It seems like it is equivalent to say that if the person was put in a jail and given a specific conditioning to grow in that specific school of thought, would behave exactly the same way which you have developed through liking, with the help of a device because that device has empowered you to gain more of the kind of information that has become you. Now there's no progress here. There's no progress here. It's like you have created a confinement. You have imprisoned yourself with a rod of a device, and this rod is not opening up the doors for you to know your life, the true nature of your existence in this universe, in this world. What a tragedy!

So, what is connecting you to the world is also destroying your own essence. It’s, it's, becoming a stumbling block towards your own progress. Of course it depends on how you are using it, but it is cementing a specific ideologue and giving you more of what you like. And what you like could be terrible! What you like could be confining you. What you have developed could be very constraining to your own self-development!

So where this technology is leading you in this most “capricious” oriented “device” in the world! This is the most capricious “oriented” world today, but it's all about how we are using it. Of course there are people who are making … carve a niche for themselves in any field with this empowerment of technology. But they are very few. There are just 15 to 20 percent of them, maximum. But what is important here: your empowerment could be a challenge as well. It could be imprisonment by your own walls that you have created. This is not fair. ‘What should empower you’ has limited you. What should have taken you towards the leap of progress has belittled you, has constrained your progress. That's not fair.

So the challenge here is—is not the technology because I think we are ‘blessed with’ in this age and time. I feel myself ‘absolutely, absolutely, privileged’ to be born in this age and time when I'm seeing this thing, when I have seen the other part as well around two and a half decades ago. And what I'm seeing right now is absolutely, absolutely, out of the world. Out of the world! But I'm seeing that world, which never imagined that there would be a world like this because I come from a different place altogether. But look at the situation in this, in the world: how things are surfacing.

So, what is important to understand—that the challenges of today, and if we look back into the past, those challenges would not have been there, the very possibility of having that kind of problem would not have arisen, having had that kind of conditioning. So if one had lived in ‘that kind of life’, that problem would not have come. So all the challenges that you see in the world today have happened because we are not able to deal with this progression. Few people who are able to make sense of this are making their lives better and better in so many ways. They are judiciously utilizing these resources and devices in order to enrich their lives. But most of them are not because they are very regressive ‘in here’.

So all, ‘all that is needed’ is just understanding of what we have. What we have is an absolute privilege, absolute privilege. So if you see things around you and if they are not making sense to you and if they're not empowering you, you are not making your life any larger. You are not broadening your perspective. If you find that the world is this or that, you find that your energy is totally drained away by the end of the day—maybe you need to look into 'the life’. What is it that’s keeping you busy? What is it that is occupying your time? What is it? What are the habits which you have? What are the habits? And these habits are too expensive. That is costing your life. That is costing so many lives.

So, what is important here is to realize that what is it that is making your life at this point in time. What are the habits that we have picked up? What are the habits which are too luxurious to have, too expensive to afford, to lead a better life?

So, if there are three things that we can do, the first thing is the food intake. Now I won't get much into it. The ‘food habit’ and the ‘quality’ and the ‘quantity’ of food could also be a matter of serious consideration here. Now you know better what I'm talking about here. How many hours of sleep do we require can actually qualify or disqualify us—whether we are going in the right direction or not. And, thirdly, what are the words that we are telling ourselves? What kind of narratives do we end up telling ourselves—it does say the emotion that you go through.

So, if these three things are looked into—it doesn't mean that you have to meditate on it—but if these things are holistically driven, then there could be a possibility. Just these three things. But that is one aspect of it. You cannot change the ‘thoughts’ so easily, but thoughts will come and go. But that cannot bind you. That cannot stick with you.

So the only way you can overcome the challenges is to face yourself, is to embrace yourself, without judging yourself. And each time you are confronted with your own reality, you are making progress. Each time you are running away from it, you are giving something else to consume your life.

So think better, decide better.

So the thing that concerns you the most is oh, what will happen—nothing will happen. The only thing that is required is to come out, and face yourself up front. The more you face yourself, the person who you are, the more the chances are that you are growing out of your tendencies. And, once you grow out of your tendencies, there could be a better path ahead of you. And there is. That's when you can decide better for yourself.

So all the things that concern you today, that takes you back to, to the primitive age when there was nothing, that cannot be effaced by a new beginning—why? —because it was glorious in some way or the other, because what we are dealing with is not the advancement. In fact, the problem here is the ones who are ‘the other end of it’, the consumer, the recipient, the beneficiaries, are not making the best use of it. And those who are leaping towards ‘greatness of life’ in all aspects of life are reaching towards enrichment of life in all aspects of life. Because we don't have time to think for ourselves, we want to have ‘easy way out’.

So the only way you can actually make progress from where you are is the point of privilege. Absolutely. If you could ‘reach to that level’ where you feel that you have been honored with what you have and where you are, let's say that, then there could be a way. If you could just appreciate what you have and what better uses you could make out of what you have, then there could be a way. But as long as you are complaining, because you're complaining about things which used to be absolutely unbelievable once upon a time, and it's not your fault, not to feel that; I'm not saying that. But the reason ‘why it is said’ because those people lived ‘much more’ happier life than you are. You are struggling with something that was totally unimagined.

So, don't you think that, don't we all think that it is an absolute matter of privilege to have what we have in this digital, global world. So make the most of it. This is the time when the entire world awaits you.