How right things will happen: To you

I remember when I was a child back in Ballia, at the Vṛttikūṭa āśrama there would be a television, and there was this very famous TV serial, the very epic serial, Mahābhārata. And there would be an antenna out there on the roof, on the terrace, and usually the antenna would just move into ‘different direction’ because of rain, because of the wind. So we would turn the TV on, and there would be some, you know when the signal doesn't come what happens. So there used to be just one channel, that's Doordarshan.

So, on every Sunday or at eight o'clock, evening, there would be a ‘news’. So the family members would gather to watch news, and there used to be just one television. There was no cable. Today the world has transformed. You don't need a cable either.

So, at that time when people would gather to watch the epic Mahābhārata—so someone would go out and change the ‘direction of antenna’. And someone would know exactly which direction it has to be in order to receive the signal because signal at times didn't come; it doesn't catch it. So ‘antenna’ has to be tweaked all the time because the antenna would not receive the right signal in order to telecast the epic. It would not be clear. So each time a person will go up and start changing the direction of the antenna, and the person down there would shout: yes, it's coming, it's not coming, okay, it’s a bit clear, it’s okay! And he would shout all the time. This used to happen almost all time, you know, on Sunday and also on ‘daily basis’ around the news time at about eight o'clock in the evening.

So, you see, if this body is ‘kind of antenna’ and if the televised version could be so appealing, then this is the universe in itself. So you get just one small speck of bits. And you receive this televised version which is being played out, which is not visible to your eyes, but the signal is on. In the same way there are frequencies. If you do not get the right frequency in your life, then nothing appears in our life. And we complain about it because we are moving in the direction which is totally opposite of what you would like to have.

So, if there is a friction between the human being you are as a person and what you'd like to pursue, probably no matter how much you chase after it, it would not be possible to manifest it. With the hard work what is required is the proper alignment of yourself. And if you could mould yourself into that way, you will receive the right signal, the right things will happen to you.

So, if that is taken care of, all that you think as not the most conducive for the betterment of your life as it happens most of the time because you are in absolute disarray in the things that you'd like to manifest, if that one thing is understood, if that human mechanism could become that antenna to receive it, the world is our oyster. Everything can be manifested through the right alignment: setting ourself with the right frequency.