Find happiness in you

You don't need to depend on things and objects to make you feel good, to make you feel happy. Absolutely no! That's when you will just kick this mediocre life out of your life; and lead a better, more fulfilling life. Because fulfilling lives comes with totally doing away with filling life. That's the difference.

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Happiness is an abstractor. There is nothing called happiness. But it's just that we find ourselves in a specific emotion that may feel very favourable to us.

So whatever seems very favourable, according to you, you feel happy. Or you have achieved something in your life and you feel happy having worked hard for it and finally, you have made it.

So there is a sense of happiness. And that is really important to boost our morale.

Happiness cannot be found anywhere outside of yourself. It is not an object that you can buy from anywhere. It is not something that could be given by someone. It is the very eternal process that you get into, that you engage yourself into, creates a level of emotions. Which has got nothing to do with happiness or otherwise. The only thing is what you're processing.

So even if a person comes with a heap of praises on you, but you process somehow negatively, it is not a pleasant experience. Though the person at the other end of it, comes with a mountain of praises for you but it doesn't seem like it to you, it doesn't appear to be anything of happiness.

So what is important here is to realize that happiness is not whimsical by nature. Anything, if it could make you happy it does mean anything also, at the same time, could make you unhappy

So as long as the happiness resides in the circumstances of life, it could be taken away at any point in time and you will be left deserted, you will be left disappointed.

So happiness has no meaning at all, whatsoever. It has no meaning. It is all about- what have you become with what you have. And what was given to you in the past and what has been given to you right here and how you are processing what has been given to you or you ended up making yourself smaller by not having judiciously utilised what you had once upon a time and you lost it but now what are you processing what you have lost.

What seemed like not so good time was a great time only if we had been mature enough at that time to realize that fact. Now the time has gone. Now we have nothing but regret. What could have been the happiest time and the happiest moment forever-forever was totally doused by the person who we were at that point in time.

So it is not about the circumstances. Even if the best of things are presented to you and everything is provided right on the platter, just the way you would like it, you will not be the happiest person. Again, I'm asking you right now, at this point in time, if you were given just everything; whatever you want in your life, would you be happy and would your happiness be sustainable, as when it is received? As it is received you go through euphoria, a very happy. That moment is transient. You are capturing it, but that is fleeting again and transiting itself, and processing it in a way that one day it will become mundane. Look at things in your life, that you had in the past, which looked mundane to you, now looks very special to you, or vice versa. What is looking mundane to you right now will be special to you once you upgrade yourself, once you come to higher level of understanding, once you have expanded yourself to a certain degree of profoundness within youself.

So what you are processing right now is actually creating everything about you. Your level of happiness. Your level of well-being is being determined by the very process that you have access to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unfortunately, this honour and privilege has not been bestowed upon any other species than human beings, like you and I. But what we have made out of it is absolutely our doing and no one can deny this fact. Who has denied the authority is us; because the power was given, all instruments were presented, are presented, will be presented. But what is not right in place—is how and who we are. Who we are is not at the right place; unless this is corrected, happiness is not a matter of concern. Every moment of your life will be happening and will be full of happiness because you will make sense of your drama and trauma that you're going through. Even if someone is creating drama around you, you may make better sense of it. And what it needs, required within you—to come up to some level of understanding, to come up to some level of potential—that is hidden within you.

So what is important here is not what is presented; but how—how it is being processed right here and that you have access to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at all times.

So if you could make sense of a tragedy that has happened, maybe, you will be full of happiness. You don't have to find happiness anywhere in the world. You don't have to find happiness in the things that pleases your ego and senses, absolutely not. Even ‘it’ could be just the opposite of it. Even if you have been denied of all the pleasures of the world, you may find bliss in-there. You may find Grace having befallen upon you, bestowed upon you, by Supreme power or by some higher authority by choosing you; to make you go through that process, because you were deserving enough to be bestowed upon a better, much better dimension of life than the denigrates, let me say that. Not everyone can be ready to receive the wroth of life. The wroth of life could be the blessing of life; don't you think so?!

So all the greatest lives have been made by the wraths of life, wroths of life; not by some modi coddling behavior or modi coddling presentation of life. Who has been modi coddled to be favorable to you, to himself and how the person has used it, you see around, everything will be revealed. The one who loves you the most and Pampers you the most—hurts you the most, hurts you the most. Not because the person is hurting, no. Because your level of dealing with that person—at that level of emotion, is hurting you—not the person's behavior, isn't it?! Now, look at that person's behavior; if someone would have behaved with you, maybe you wouldn’t have felt a bit of hurt at all. since you have this expectation out of this person to behave in a certain way because, maybe, the transaction that you have with that person, doesn't matter what the person is, now you feel hurt!

So here happiness does not depend on the person but the person whom you are evolving into, at each point in time.

So make a relationship with yourself first. If you are seeking happiness out of a relationship, the first thing that you should do, the first relationship that you should form, and the best relationship that you should think about having is with yourself. And that relationship is nothing but the human being you are evolving into, at each moment in time with the experiences whether pleasurable, favorable, nasty, disgusting, or whatever name you could give it; but, how everything is being transmuted by you, through you. How this mechanism, how this factory—the biggest process factory of the universe right here—as it is connected with the divine intervention, as it is connected with the divine thread—everything can be turned into anything. It is possible. And that will decide your happiness. Happiness is a very abstract term and very small word. It's not something to be talked of, absolutely not needed. What is important, what is needed is: the best of favorable conditions, if it is presented in the most appeasing manner to your senses, cannot last long. Because the very connotation of it will change and the expectation will shoot up; which will have no ground to substantiate that kind of fantasy, that kind of ostentatious orientation.

So what is important is not the happiness. Don't seek happiness outside of you. Because it doesn't exist there. Yeah, there are some fleeting moments you’d want to capture by your senses, and you go there, and capture those moments of happiness, that joy and that has only to do with filling your life, filling your life. As long as these fillers are the object of your happiness and pleasure, then it can be turned around anytime. It can be snatched away, taken away, washed away, any point in time because that's not in your control.

So if you are filling your life with these capturing moments which pleases you or your senses rather. inflates your larger-than-life kind of happening and feeling, then these happenings will have you as its puppet. You will be enslaved by that. So each time you have consumed that, it will not die down. It will further aggravate and intensify. And the longing will be much more stronger to capture it more and more; and this will not go, this will further intensify.

So if you really want to blaster these kind of emotions because capturing these moments seems like oh my God; to go to these places, to see this or that, to be in the game, to be part of it! Feels like that moment that you would like to treasure forever! But you can't treasure it anyway because something that is fleeting at all times, you want to capture it—capture these moments. Because capturing these moments is what is worth living life for. That’s what it seems to you at this point in time. Oh my God, because you want to expand your experience you haven't had it. And this will intensify as you go ahead with it, but it cannot sustain for long.

So if you want to really consume all of it, to kind of really burn yourself out by consuming it—just burn yourself out, exhaust yourself out by consuming it getting over indulgent into it. It's fine! If you want to do that, but one thing that you should ask: what is it leaving me with? Is it the compulsiveness that I'm creating out of all these experiences? If you are creating compulsiveness out of these experiences then they don't deserve you. It's very gross corporeal experiences of life that has belittled you, or is bound to belittle you, demean your grace, demean you being a human. It would always be very very limiting.

So the only thing that needs to be understood here is what is filling your life is not fulfilling your life and these fillers are the capturing of those moments triggered by senses consumed by objectivity you see. The intelligence has gone out of the window. The very vital force that we breathe in; that is not controlling the well-being of this human body. The senses are empowered enough to drain our energy away, the very essence away from us.

So in a very generic language to just simplify matters; whatever is making you compulsive because of the impulses of life, is triggering you to do certain things which ends you being compulsive then it's not worth it. It is eroding you; it is eroding the very essence of who you are as a human being.

So better to realize right now. So anything that you can do without; make a list of the things that you can easily, spontaneously do without, could you do that? Oh, I can do without this, it doesn't affect me. All right, I can do without this, it doesn't affect me. Yeah, but I am not saying that—force yourself to do it, no-no-no, no don't do that! Hm mm, ‘bilkul nahi’ (of course not). You should be very comfortable doing away with those things. If you are very comfortable doing away with those things, you are becoming a better version of yourself. Then you don't need to depend on things and objects to make you feel good, to make you feel happy. Absolutely no!

So that's when you will just kick this mediocre life out of your life; and lead a better, more fulfilling life. Because fulfilling lives comes with totally doing away with “filling life”. That's the difference.

So make a list of the things that you can easily do without. What are those things? And your well-being is just intact. all the things that you have right now, what is your vulnerable point? What is that point which you think you won't exist without? What is that thing? It doesn't have to get extreme; because we all have few things in life; we need society, we need family, of course we do. But the number of things that you can do without, the better you are becoming as a human being. That's the parameter of becoming a better human being, don't you think so?! And as you get into this, you will see, you are leading a much more fulfilled life—by doing away with the filling lives—these are the fillers of life. These are the fillers of the void; and the void has been consumed by the senses by the objectivity of the matters. The matters are inflated xx by objectification of the matters, it will only land us in tragedy, in misery of life, in pain and disappointment, totally alienated from the world, discarded from the world, in pain and misery.

So, all the best to you! Find happiness in you.

So what is important here: Fulfil your life; never fill it, not needed! Never fill it, not needed!!